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Import / Export custom clearance

Duty rates, customs clearance, and entry processes differ for each country. Tariff classifications, value declaration, and duty management can create confusion and may cost you more than necessary. Customs initiatives impose new regulations on companies that make it difficult to keep abreast.
Established in 1981 our experience can provide you with the coverage you need and reliable, consistent service.
We’re ahead of the curve on the latest customs programs – such as remote filing services and entry reconciliation – to help you keep your business on the leading edge. In fact, we continuously work to impact trade policy through active participation in international and domestic industry committees and associations.
If you’re looking for a trusted source for customs clearances, consider this:

  • Professional customs brokerage representation minimizes your needs and simplifies your customs processing. A single customs broker means a single point of contact.
  • Coverage is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in many locations.
  • Our focus on compliance management helps to reduce cargo delays and costs associated with non-compliance to customs regulations.
  • Our software has been specifically developed to minimize data entry errors which can impede your shipment’s progress.
  • Implementation procedures for new customers include the development of an import process to maximize your chances of being categorized as “low risk” and further minimize costs.
  • Our document imaging provides easy archiving and retrieval of important customs brokerage documents and minimizes the need for physical storage space. We also offer flexible reporting capabilities.
  • Centralized entry processing and customer service – when warranted by higher volumes – can increase compliance, consistency, quality, and ease of doing business.
  • Our comprehensive freight services provide coverage globally in air and seaport locations.
  • Our Project Management Team offers Operational planning and its eventual successful implementation.
  • As a market leader, we maintain industry best practice standards throughout the clearance process.

When you consistently meet your schedules and promises, you enhance your customer perception and gain a competitive advantage. Our customs experts produce compliant entries time after time, moving your shipments through customs efficiently and minimizing delays.


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June 8, 2022